Lante Anna

ANNA LANTE . Master Degree in Agricultural Sciences; PhD in Applied Biocatalysis and Industrial Fermentations from the University of Bologna (Italy).

1996-1998: Contract Professor of Chemistry of fermentations, University of Padova
1998: Researcher of Food Technology, University of Padova
2002-present: Associate Professor, field of Food Science and Technology, Department DAFNAE University of Padova
2001-2008: member of PhD in "Viticulture, Oenology and wine marketing business."
2009-present: member of PhD School in "Animal and Food Science" research line Food Science
2012-present: member of the Committee of the University of Padua for Internships Active Learning (TFA)
2012-present: Coordinator of Bilateral Agreement L.L.P Higher Education Erasmus between Università di Padova (Dafnae Department) and Plovdiv University (Bulgaria).
2016-present: Member of the Commission for Patents and Technology transfer of the University of Padova.
2017: President of the Master degree of Food Science and Technology - School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

•Member (since 1998) of the Italian Association of Food Technology (AITA)
•Member (since 1998) of the Italian Society of Food Science and Technology (SISTAL)
•Member (2006) of the American Chemical Society (ACS)
•Member (2006) of the Accademia dei Georgofili (Firenze, Italia))
•Member (2007) of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina (Milano, Italia)
Member (2010) of the Scientific Commission of Territorial Studies of Accademia Italiana della Cucina (Milano, Italia)

Since 1996, as contract professor, researcher and associate professor has taken the following courses:
“Chemistry of fermentation” “Processes of Food technology” “Technology of products of plant origin”
“Biotecnology and Food enzymology “: “Food Technology and Gastronomy” “Food Science and Technology”

2001-2004: Co-coordinator with Professor Paolo Spettoli of PRIN (MIUR) project prot 2001072288. Plant Bioactive compounds and food quality.
2004- 2005: Coordinator of the project entitled "Preparation of functional foods in the innovative process of baking." funded by Veneto Region- Italy. Output of this project was the Patent 0001384698 (IT- PD20070273).Applicants: Universita’ di Padova, Croigel Sas; Authors: Lante Anna, Spettoli Paolo; The invention concerns a method for the production of a functional frozen bread with antioxidant properties through the use of a polyphenolic extract of grape seeds, containing catechin and epicatechin, bioactive compounds with antioxidant activity.
2004-2006: Co-coordinator with Professor Paolo Spettoli of PRIN (MIUR) project prot.2004078721: “ The made in Italy food products promotion: the case of the Grappa” Output of this project was the Patent 0001378849 (WO 2008104555) Applicants: Universita’ di Padova, Universita “La Sapienza”, Rome. Authors: Lante Anna, Zocca Federico, Lomolino Giovanna, Spettoli Paolo, Bellincampi Daniela, Giovane Alfonso, Camardella Laura, Raiola Alessandro, Lionetti Vincenzo. The present patent application describes the use of a pectin methylesterase inhibitor protein or a portion thereof for reducing the methanol formation in grape must and marc and in products derived from them by fermentation and distillation.

2007-2009: participant and co-coordinator with Professor Paolo Spettoli of PRIN (MIUR) project prot.2006072800: “Research and exploitation of bioactive compounds and by products of processing industry of vegetable source products”.
2007-2008: responsible of local research unit in the project Prolife: "Potential use of probiotics in food products" call " districts and meta district 2007" funded by Veneto Region-Italy.
2011-2014 : responsible of the research unit of Padova University in the European Union FP7 Framework project FP7-AAT-2010-RTD-1 "Aerodynamic surfaces by advances multifunctional coatings". Coordination EADS Deutschland GMBH - The project uses a multidisciplinary approach to develop innovative "coatings" that will improve the energy efficiency of aircraft, reducing erosion, ice formation and adhesion of insects on the surface of the structure. Afferent to the project 12 European research groups from the private sector, industry and academia. This was represented by the University of Limerick (Ireland), University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and the 'University of Padua. The research group of Padova, at Department DAFNAE has been involved in developing DETERGENTS FORMULATIONS ECOFRIENDLY based on enzymes for the cleaning and sanitation of surfaces.
2013-2015: responsible of the research unit of Padova University in the project Nutrid’uva Cooperation project funded by Lombardia Region, Italy - Misure 124 law n. 8613 03/10/2012. The project, with the participation of academic and private research groups (University of Bologna and Padova), has as its objective the creation of functional drinks made from grape juice.

Selected peer-reviewed publications
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