Pisani Elena

Elena Pisani is an associate professor in Principles of Agricultural, Forestry and Environmental Economics and European Planning for the Environment and Territory at the Department of Territory and Agro-Forestry Systems (TESAF) of the University of Padua. She has an extensive experience in numerous research projects where she played the role of scientific coordinator or principal researcher or member of the research team (e.g., European Social Fund, Decentralized cooperation funds of FAO, IFAD and ILO, Horizon 2020 Fund).
Her research focuses on:
- the role of social innovation in rural areas and, specifically, in the forest sector;
- the role of social capital and local governance in rural development projects and, in particular, in the LEADER-CLLD approach and in agricultural cooperatives;
- the development of innovative M&E methods, tools and indicators of social innovation and social capital;
- the role of participation in rural development initiatives, particularly in the tourism sector;
- the evaluation of LIFE projects through social network analysis methodologies.
She teaches "Principles of Economics" for the Bachelor Degree Course in Forestry and Environmental Sciences and Technologies; "European Project Planning for the Environment and the Territory" in the Master Degree in Science Technology for the Environment and the Territory. She lectured for several years the Course of "Essentials of Project Planning and Evaluation" of the International Master Degree Course in Local Development and the Erasmus Mundus Master in Sustainable Territorial Development (STEDE). She has carried out various research activities in Latin America. She has produced more than 120 publications. She is a member of the "TARS-LERH" Doctorate of the TESAF Department. She works as an external reviewer in several international scientific journals. She is an associate editor of the International Journal of Sciences and a guest editor in Sustainability Journal in different special issues.
Skype ID:elena_pisani
Web page:http://www.tesaf.unipd.it/pisani