Gimenez Martín

Gimenez Martín

Freelance education consultant in HEIs. Project cycle management. European Calls , Projects and Grants

Five years of experience in managing European projects focused on higher education.

Excellent research, project cycle management, monitoring, evaluation and reporting skills 

Experience in development of research documents

Ability to work under pressure and prioritize activities according to an established timeframe.

Experience conducting international meetings in English.

Experience in writing project proposals under ERASMUS+ calls (Educational subjects)

Experience in producing cartographic documents (at all scales and in all geodetic systems) and information analysis using GIS 

5 years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Programs: ArcGIS9x, Sextante, gvSIG, GlobalMapper

More than 4 years of experience in forest hydrology and topographic modelling with GIS 

In depth knowledge of assessment of water erosion with parametric models using GIS 

4 years of experience in delivering courses and seminars related to the environment, hydrology and GIS

Advanced level in Digitalization and database development using GIS