Onofri Laura

1. Master of Science (MSc) in Economics, Catholic University of Leuven (B),

2. Ph.D. in Economics,  University of Maastricht (NL).

Professional economist, whose research/lecturing/consultancy activity is carried on both in academic contexts (Catholic University of Leuven, University of Maastricht, University of Bologna, University Cà Foscari of Venice, University of Padova) and in international organizations (consultant for World Bank, FAO, FAO Pakistan, United Nations Environment , U.N. World Trade Organization, Climate and Development Knowledge Network  (CDKN), among others). She has collaborated to 10 EU funded research projects. She is a TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, a compilatory work launched by the U.N.) contributing author.

a. Selected Publications in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

2018 “A Test for Costs Subadditivity in the Fishery Sector” (with Francesc Maynou), Oceanography& Fisheries, vol 5, 1-5

2017 “Valuing Ecosystem Services for Improved National Accounting: a Pilot Study from Madagascar Accounts ”(with Paulo A.L.D Nunes, Rosimeiry Portela and Glenn-Marie Lange) Ecosystem Services vol. 23, 116-123  

2015 “Towards a More Complete Economics of Whales” (with Paulo ALD Nunes)   in Marine Ecology Policy Series (Special Issue on “Economics of Marine Conservation”, guest editor: Rashid Sumaila) vol 530 pp 213-222.  

2015 Cournot Oligopoly, Homogeneous Products and Grappa Market: An Econometric Study” (with Vasco Boatto), in Journal of Economics and Econometrics , vol. 58, pp. 26-39

2015  Who likes it Sparkling? An Empirical Analysis of Prosecco Consumers’ Profile”. (with Andrea  Dal Bianco and Vasco Boatto) Agricultural and Food Economics,.  pp. 3-11.

2014De Rationibus Disputandum Est: Psychological Dimension of Choice and Public Policy DesignEcosystem Services 10, pp. 172-179

2014Material Transfer Agreements: an Economic and Econometric AnalysisEcological Economics 107. pp. 422-430.

2013Tradition vs Efficiency: the case di Fishery in the Alto Adriatico” (with Vasco Boatto), International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, vol.33 pp 44-58

2013 “Beach Lovers” and “Greens” a Worldwide Empirical Analysis of Coastal Tourism” (with Paulo A.L.D. Nunes), Ecological Economics, vol 88- pp. 49-56

2011 Economic Model for Bioprospecting Contracts” (with Helen Ding), International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, vol 26, issue 3, pp. 47-66.   

2009 “Price Formation and Legal Provisions in Electricity Contracts: an Empirical Study”, in Energy Studies Review- Berkeley University Press, vol 16  Issue. 2, Article 5.  

2009Old Master Paintings Export Veto and Price Formation: an Empirical Study”, European Journal of Law and Economics, vol. 28. pp. 149-161.

 2008 “Testing Williamson Theory on Transaction-specific Governance Structures: Evidence from the Electricity Markets", in Journal of  Applied Economics, vol. 2, pp. 355-372

B. Selected International Consultancy Reports for International Organizations

2016 World agriculture: towards 2030/2050, How to feed the World in 2050, Looking ahead in World Food and agriculture: Perspectives to 2050.  FAO PAKISTAN.  Contributing author

2016  The Economics of Ecosystem Based Adaptation UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme. Lead author

2016 FAO-GFCM Scientific Advisory Committee on Aquaculture. Expert Meeting on Sustainable Shellfish Aquaculture in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (various authors). FAO-GFCM Technical Report Contributing Author

2015 “How a high-ambition global climate deal will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” (with Valerie Houlden, Georgia-Marina Tsarouchi, Nigel Walmsley, Patxi Greño, Anil Markandya, Alberto Ansuategi , Helen Picot, by Mairi Dupar). Policy Brief prepared for Climate and Development Knowledge Network  (CDKN). Contributing Author

2015 “The impact of climate change on the achievement of the post-2015 sustainable development goals” (with Valerie Houlden, Georgia-Marina Tsarouchi, Nigel Walmsley, Patxi Greño, Anil Markandya, Alberto Ansuategi , Helen Picot, by Mairi Dupar). Technical Report  prepared for Climate and Development Knowledge Network  (CDKN) Contributing Author

2015. “Guidance Manual on Valuation and Accounting of Ecosystem Services for Small Island Developing States”. UNEP. United Nations Environmental Programme Contributing Author

2012 Assessing and Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Ankenihieny Zahamena Corridor (CAZ) Madagascar” (with R.Portela, P.A.L.D. Nunes, A.Shepard, F. Villa, and G.M Lange) WAVES/World Bank  PILOT STUDY in MADAGASCAR. Contributing Author/Lead Author for the Econometric Valuation