Brotto Lucio

I am a forester working in the field of ecosystem services, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and responsible forest investments.

I have international research, consultancy and field experiences in Europe, Costa Rica, Honduras, Haiti, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, DR Congo, Uganda, Angola, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

I work with ETIFOR, a private consultancy company and a Padova University spin-off, with forest investments and ecosystem services.

Language: fluent in English, Spanish and Italian with basics of French and Portuguese.

I graduated as SUTROFOR (Sustainable Tropical Forestry) MsC student in UK (Bangor University) and in 2015 I obtained the PhD FONASO (Forestry for Nature and Society) at the Technical University of Dresden and Padova University.

In my spare time I play rugby and I have fun with alpine ski & snowboarding! In my small family farm we produce clean drinkable water, mushrooms, berries, olive oil, firewood and wine.
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