Masiero Mauro

Hi there,

I'm Mauro Masiero, Assistant Professor at TESAF Department (i.e. Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry), University of Padova. I have a university background in forestry and environmental sciences, as well as additional education (including a PhD) and professional experience in forestry and environmental economics, as well as management of natural resources and corporate social responsibility applied to the forest and nature-based sectors. My main field of research is forest policy and economics, with special reference to market and policy analysis for forest-based products and services.

Here you can have a look to some of my scientific research outputs (ORC-ID 0000-0001-5660-4362). Here some additional info on research products.

In my position I have the chance to mentor and supervise students and young researchers. So far:  2 post-docs mentored, 10 PhD supervised & co-supervised, and more than 40 MSc and BSc students supervised & co-supervised.

I'm from Padova but I get restless if I stay in one place for too long: that's why I'm always looking for new research opportunities around...even better if they imply hiking in forests and in the mountains!