Secco Laura

Hi! I am Laura Secco.

I am Associate Professor at TESAF Department – University of Padova, in Italy. I hold a MSc in Forest Sciences (1994) and a PhD in Land Use, Rural Appraisal and Forest Economics (1999). I am e-coordinator and e-moderator of various Erasmus Mundus e-learning courses, included MEDfOR, SUTROFOR, SUFONAMA and ERASMUS+ KA!! smile

At the beginning of my professional carrier, I have been working as consultant in forest and environmental certification, forest management and rural development plans for more than 10 years, traveling to different countries, from boreal to tropical regions, and contributing to establish and run the Italian initiative of the Forest Stewarship Council (FSC). It was great, and very useful to better understand the gaps and the links between scientists and practitioners... wink!!!

I entered the academic carrier in 2005. Currently, I am doing research, teaching frontal and online courses and assisting in managing high-level research and educational services such as the PhD School LERH (Land, Environment, Resource and Health, and, in the past, in the FONASO international PhD program). As co-funder and member of the spin-off ETIFOR of the University of Padova, I am also stimulating technology transfer. Recently, I got qualified as Forest Bathing Guide with the Forest Therapy Institute and the Forest Therapy Hub.

My favourite topics are forest policy and governance, conflict management, participation, social innovation, rural development and ecosystem services - included climate change mitigation and forest effects on human well-being and health.

My favorite hobbies are trekking (I love my Dolomites mountains, where my own family comes from!), skiing, climbing, reading, drawing and traveling. My favorite sacred forest is Cansiglio Forest (North East of Italy). But my partner Enrico, my 14- and 8- years old daughters (Camilla and Valentina) are my best! We often spend our free time into my loved forests, and/or on tops of a mountain pick!
City/town:Legnaro - Padova
Skype ID:laura.secco